Anonymous → what artists are you going to see at this festival? are you just going for that or site seeing too?

SO many! arctic monkeys, jack white, outkast, lorde, chance the rapper, childish gambino, modest mouse, the kooks, flume, ingrid michaelson, sbtrkt, haim, chvches, j cole, foster the people, lykki li, band of horses, and a ton more. we’re going to enjoy the festival and explore. just landed in montreal and we’ll be here for a week!

Anonymous → ahhh your hair!!

thank youuuu! you are all making me love it more. :)

Anonymous → how do you use that app to make photos like that. I've never been able to find anything without the border stuff around it and I hate that!!

I just adjust how wide the border is and put the white border on.

Anonymous → when are we going to get to see what your man looks like! maybe post a picture of the two of you one day ?

i definitely will one day! i like showing him off hehe.

Anonymous → Is your boyfriend going

no he is not, just one of my best friends and i!

Anonymous → post lots of pictures from your trip!!

i’ll try my best to! i plan on it though! :)

Anonymous → what made you decide to go purple? looks amazing

i just wanted some color in my hair for my trip, and always liked the idea of a grey/purple and thought it’d go well with my skintone, so i bought temporary dye! thank you!! xo.

Anonymous → have you decided what to wear to your festival? can't wait to see

we’re doing some shopping the first few days that we’re there, so i’ll figure out once i shop! apparently the shopping is amazing there.

Anonymous → upload a picture of the back of your hair! is it all purple

my hair isn’t too purple in the back! i’m going to add more once i get to montreal, so i’ll upload photos after i do! it’s just mainly on the bottom layer and the sides.

Anonymous → your hair looks gooood! leave it like that!!

thank you!! i do too, i’m debating it.

Anonymous → what did you use or do to get two seprate pictures side by side like you did without a white boarder or line?!

it’s an app called frame your life.

Anonymous → omggggg why not dye it permanently like that it looks so friggin good

ahhh thank you! I love it. I honestly want to dye it that color, but I think I’m too much of a baby, we’ll see though!