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"take a picture in your absolute favorite thing to wear?!" - Anonymous

i look crap tonight! but maybe i will. :)

"how long have you been broken up for? seeing as he's moved on, did he move on quick? or take his time like you are" - Anonymous

we’ve been broken up for a while! nine months i believe. we both moved on really quickly actually, he just jumped right into a relationship though and i was just seeing people here and there. i found out about the cheating maybe two months ago, and that brought stuff up again. but it doesn’t really hurt anymore, i’ve gotten over it. the only thing is that my trust and desire for a relationship has been crushed completely, and that’s the tough part now.

"Your lips are all I wanted at midnight."

eight word story (via bl-ossomed)

(via cityofpink)

"how did you react when you found out he cheated" - Anonymous

at the time i found out i was just in shock, i also wanted to throw up.. a lot. no tears though.

"what makeup do you use? for eyes foundation cheeks, ect." - Anonymous

i rarely wear foundation.. but when i do i use Lancôme 24 hour, but on a regular basis i just use boing.. A concealer by benefit just to cover any blemishes and dark circles under my eyes, and then i use MAC powder. i use benefit can’t believe they’re real mascara, or hypnose star by Lancôme. Once in a while I wear eyeshadow and when I do i use the naked 2 pallete, and my liquid eyeliner is by gosh. On my cheeks I use a Lancôme blush, and a quo highlighter. My favorite brands are by far Lancôme, benefit, Mac, and Clinique as well!

"can you upload more pictures of youuuu? and of your outfits cause omg I'm in love" - Anonymous

haha thank you! i for sure could do that.

"I always thought it would be easier finding out the bad things someone did after we'd already broken up instead of when we were still together. what all did he do to you? I'm sure you've maybe answered this before" - Anonymous

in a way it could be, cause there’s no deciding factor. the hard part about it, is not being able to tell him how angry and upset i was. and i don’t know all the details, but he was hooking up with a few girls behind my back.

"was this the first time you've ever been cheated on? or why do you think it's had such a huge effect on you?" - Anonymous

it is yes. it had a huge effect on me for lots of reasons. the main reason is that i trusted him a lot, and didn’t even once think he’d cheat on me. he also used to make me feel really guilty for things i did and things that went wrong in our relationship, so when i found out the things he was doing, i was crushed.

"how did you and the famous ex boyfriend meet?" - Anonymous

in high school through mutual friends.

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